What to see in Rimini and surroundings


A few kilometres from Cattolica, Gradara is a medieval village that is located in a hilly landscape, and that was the background of the troubled love story of Paolo and Francesca. After visiting the Fortress, with the walk of lovers , you can walk in a path that surrounds the castle and that will lead you in a park. In the summer of Gradara is transformed, during the event, the Magic Castle, in a magical enchanted world.

San Marino

At 750 metres altitude, is located on Mount Titano and is the perfect place for those looking for a day divided between culture and shopping. In San Marino there are in fact several shopping malls and outlets, but also many museums, churches and palaces to visit.


Famous for its tourism, Rimini is also a place of art and culture. Starting from the Arch of Augustus and along the whole Course, you can visit Piazza Tre Martiri, then reach Piazza Cavour, the city's most famous squares of Rimini, in which, respectively, are the Clock Tower and the roman ruins, and the Municipal Theatre and the fontana della Pigna. Not far away, is Piazza Malatesta where the castle was once surrounded by a ditch.

San Leo

A village located on a spur of rock in the marecchia valley is characterized by the medieval Fort that rises above the village and above the valley. Also famous from the point of view of the historical, cultural, hosted Dante and Cagliostro , and was the capital of the kingdom of italy.

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