Gradara, the most beautiful town in Italy, is located on a hill only a short way from the Romagna coast but in the Marche region. A visit to the Castle will take you back to the times of two famous lovers, Paolo and Francesca, mentioned by Dante in his Divine Comedy.

In the enchanting medieval setting of Gradara, many cultural events await you, such as “The: The Siege of the Castle, Gradara d’Amare, The Magic Castle, the Christmas Castle, festivals, exhibitions and other events.

San Marino

The Republic of San Marino is located in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, on the border between Romagna and Marche. According to legend, the Republic of San Marino owes its origins to Saint Marinus, a stonemason who came to Rimini from Dalmatia.

Since 2008, the old town and Mount Titano have become UNESCO World Heritage Sites. A medieval artistic heritage that runs through all the streets and alleyways of the Republic. And then: museums, monuments, squares but also shops, markets.


Rimini, one of the holiday resorts par excellence on the Adriatic Coast. Throughout the year a stay in this city is synonymous with fun and culture. A place to be discovered with monuments dating back twenty centuries such as the Arch of Augustus, the Bridge of Tiberius, Castel Sismondo, Piazza Tre Martiri or the medieval Piazza Cavour, ending with the City Museum and the ‘Surgeon’s House’ archaeological site.

San Leo

Two churches, a square, a fortress and a rocky outcrop 600 metres above sea level, make this town in the province of Rimini a magical place. The fortress has always been considered an important point of encounter of nature and art.

Inside it were imprisoned Risorgimento patriots such as Felice Orsini and thinkers deemed awkward for society, including the magician and alchemist Count Cagliostro from Palermo to whom the event AlchemyAlchimie has been dedicated.

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