The Terrace

A strong point of our hotel is definitely our terrace, large and wide, suitable for a coffee after lunch or after dinner, is also the perfect place to spend a happy evening with chatter and laughter.

Also the breakfast each morning is served on the terrace: you can enjoy a coffee or a cappuccino, together with pastries and homemade cakes, and bask in the sun in the morning, before tackling a fun-filled and relaxing days on the beach.

Romagna evening every week

Once a week we offer all our guests an evening of romagna in which you can discover and taste the real Romagna. The inevitable piadina, but also many other specialties that will make you feel romagnoli for an evening.

To make the contour, live music and lots of fun for all!

Aperitif every Sunday

To end the week in beauty, and every Sunday we offer an aperitif with tasty snacks accompanying.

Best Offers

from 23.04 to 02.06
from 119 € per person
from 01.06 to 15.06
from 369 € per person
from 31.05 to 02.06
from 159 € per person
from 01.07 to 26.07
from 444 € per person
from 28.07 to 04.08
from 430 € per person
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